Incubating my suddenly inevitable list of favorite horror films.

What is the most haunting film you have seen? Not the goriest, or most shocking, but the most compelling and eerie?

One of the best treats of October is the plethora of horror movies available to fans – at least to those with satellite TV and insomnia.

I finished viewing The Innocents (1961) this afternoon – because it unnerved me too much when I tried to watch it last night … and the night before. In it, a luminous Deborah Kerr plays a governess charged with caring for two … precocious children. It wasn’t perfect. (The acting too often slipped into a staginess that isn’t to my taste.) But, its weirdly sensual tone surprised and unsettled me.

It got me to thinking about the other great, creepy films I’ve seen – films which linger in my dreams and my fiction. I can feel a top ten (or thirteen) list bubbling in my brain. Help me remember the best of the best.