Noises in the night.

Noises – which I have decided can best be described as skittery – were emanating from the kitchen as I used my husband’s computer in the dining room. At first, I thought it was rain against the window. Then I thought, maybe, one of the cats was playing with a toy near the baseboards. Neither of those theories panned out when I investigated, but I was able to determine it was coming from a lower cabinet. I told myself that I would set out some live traps tomorrow, then tried to settle back into writing. The sounds continued, growing louder and more rodent-y with each passing minute.

Finally, fearing that a raccoon or a giant rat had invaded my home, I devised my plan – which required a TALL kitchen stool and my son’s Karate bo.

All the lower cupboard doors now stand open. The night is quiet again. But I keep spinning in the chair to see if anything is peering out at me. As I sit here with my feet carefully tucked up under me, I’m wondering what this says about my chances of being couragous in the face of future paranormal studies.


2 Comments on “Noises in the night.”

  1. What a wonderful blog you have! I love paranormal stuff and have had a few weirdie experiences in my time. Thanks for dropping by my blog, so lovely to hear from you, and do tell, what was it I sent you?

    • What I best remember is reading your letter to my husband in the car, and how excited I was. I still have a small red bird (made of tin) from you displayed in my living room — otherwise, my memory is failing me. But I do know there was lots of lovely stuff in the box you sent.

      Thank you. I would love to read about some of your weirdiness 🙂 Perhaps, in honor of our Halloween, you might write a bit?

      Your comment made me realize that this particular (WordPress) blog didn’t yet have a “follow” link displayed, so I fixed that. I’m mirroring at Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and LiveJournal. If you want to be hooked up, it should be easier now that I’ve added those links, and the follow function, to my sidebar.

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