The tumbling witchgrass arrives.

A while back, I mentioned a whirlwind of fine tumbleweeds that crossed my path. A few days later, I found the same type of plant material heaped in front of my door. Having noticed it twice, and realizing that a true tumbleweed is much bigger, I had to find out what it really was.

It turns out that this is called tumble grass (or tumblegrass). It is also known as: Panicum capillare, witch grass, old witchgrass, and panic grass.

I should hate it. It fills my garage and creeps from my patio into my foyer, then all through my home. (The pets adore carrying into even the deepest recesses of the house.) It’s impossible to sweep or vacuum effectively.

But it comes when the fall winds make the leaves dance all night – which I love. Besides, how can I hate anything with such an intriguing set of names?