Oakwood Cemetery, Anoka MN, first visit.

I took the EMF reader, and my 85 year old mother, out for a ramble through an historical graveyard this afternoon. (She finds the gadget fascinating.)

Acorns popped underfoot as we slowly, gingerly, navigated the rolling swells of graves and roots. We stayed to the shaded areas, under the still well-leafed oak canopy, to avoid the unseasonable heat of the afternoon. I had to remind her often to not poke the headstones with her cane. The meter only chirped once, near the grave of a veteran of the War of 1812 … but I may have passed it too close to my cell phone.

Much later, doing follow-up research on the web, I found a list of interments. The entry that chills and grieves and intrigues me reads: ‘Unknown child – found near depot – Apr. 18, 1888’

This link will take you to information about Oakwood Cemetery, as provided by the Anoka County Historical Society.