Driving home on an early September night.

Just after twilight gave way to evening, in the space of a mile, I witnessed a series of eerie sights. A ten foot column of fine tumbleweeds whirled across the gravel road. A black cat flashed its fluorescent green gaze at me before flowing into the shadows of an oak deadfall. When I rounded the bend toward home, I saw pearly clouds – coursing over and around the full, ivory moon – against the backdrop of a velvet, blue-black sky. What a lovely night.

*This is an example of something I’ve been doing over at Facebook. I’ve been posting frequent, brief updates chronicling my (almost) daily pursuit of feeling gently, deliciously, creeped out. I haven’t decided yet if I should post them here as well. Thought I’d give it a try and see if I like it. (Find me on Facebook by searching for Renae Rude or for The Paranormalist)


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