Novel countdown: Chapter 8 is (finally) moving on to the first-readers.

I finished readying chapter eight for presentation to my cherished first-readers – despite its stubborn resistance to change. Now, as a reward, I get to go outside to search the skies for aurora. (The sun was busy today.) Then, perhaps, a great old movie.


A basic, starter toolkit for paranormal investigation.

I’ve spent the witching hours researching the paranormal investigation tools I want.  I will need to obtain and/or learn to use: an electromagnetic field sensor; an infrared thermometer; a digital camera with  a remote trigger; a video camera capable of recording in night-vision, two tripods for the cameras, a digital voice recorder and an audio editor. Oh, and a dangly thing–something much like a cat toy, but finer and designed to appeal to a fidgety spirit. (Or reveal a draft.)

Autumn arrives quietly.

Stepping outside, after midnight, to feed the feral cats, I noticed a new, autumnal silence. (It will be Equinox at 4:04a, so that’s alright.) No crickets. No frogs. No mosquitoes humming in my ear. Not even the sound of a moth flapping against the window screens. I called The Dog to me, and we wandered toward the chicken coop, listening to our feet crunching gravel. Then the coyote pack began to sing. They are close tonight. The hens are secure, so that’s alright too.