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This is where you can check up on my writerly progress.
Feel free to offer praise, encouragement or a good scolding – as appropriate.

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WriMoProg Challenge Goals:

August 2014

THIS MONTH’S GOAL: 104 (novels) + 100 (blog and other social media) = 204 (hours)

[X + Y = Z / total-hours goal, where X = writing/editing time, Y= other writerly tasks.]

Where I’m at right now:

wrimoprog 07/01/2014:  0 + 0 = 0/204


I admit this is ambitious. To be fair, though, it’s only about eight hours a day, six days a week. (Divided almost evenly between fiction and networking stuff.)

I’ve been off lately, and I feel like my attention has been very divided. I’ve been worrying too much about: family crises, working at the hotel, fretting about money and other practical matters, and so on.

The plan for this month (again) is to get through a decent draft of another third of the novel I’m working on, Bugaboo Road.

I also want to get caught up on all the posts I’ve promised, which will clear the decks for stuff that will happen yet this summer. ( Part of this dedicated work-time will be spent visiting graveyards and festivals and such, so it won’t ALL be sitting at a desk. Besides, I have a shiny, new, little, laptop that can go with me anywhere.) I need to create a homepage for my Paranormal Hotel posts, and start the Halloween countdown with updates to last year’s posts, and this year’s project — an index of my favorite mysteries, hauntings and cryptids.

In short, it’s just time for me to focus. It’s summer, I am in control of my schedule, I feel more energetic and there’s no reason I can’t get a lot done.



Another fiction bust. I blogged seven times in July. One post I did manage to write went viral and brought more hits to the blog than ever before. Toward the end of the month I resumed writing a daily gratitude blog on a different platform, and using another site, 750 Words, to clear my head with some personal, daily pages-style writing.

I lost too many days to working at the hotel and to family crises. (My sister had an emergency operation to remove a bleeding brain tumor and her ex-husband died … also, predictably enough, Mother reacted to the stress badly.) Clearly, I didn’t actually use WriMoProg to track my time.


Yeah, I didn’t really track. I did ok on the blogging front I think, though it could have been better, and certainly more evenly distributed. Fiction has been a bust. Time to change that. (She says, on July 1st.)


I tracked on the Camp NaNoWriMo site, so I don’t have details for here. In summary, I managed approximately:

  • wrimoprog 04/30/2014:  104 (novels) + 78 (blog and other social media) = 182 (hours)


  •  wrimoprog 03/08/2014:  2 + 12 = 14/80
  • wrimoprog 03/10/2014:   5 + 18 = 23/80
  • wrimoprog 03/16/2014:  15 + 20 = 35/80
  • wrimoprog 03/16/2014:  15 + 20 = 35/80
  • wrimoprog 03/19/2014:  32 + 22 = 54/80
  • wrimoprog 03/27/2014:  41 + 30 = 71/80
  • wrimoprog 03/31/2014:  43 (novels) + 47 (blog and other social media) = 90/80



The rest of the information on the page is mostly for my own use, but have a look if you like.

2014 General, Ongoing Goals:

The formula: X + Y = Z / total-hours goal 
when X = writing/editing time, Y = other writerly tasks.

Write & edit novels:


  • write last 28 sections (quick, intense, culminating sections) THEN, between editing steps, revise and refine ending
  • editing #1 – the close-in writing (edit yesterday’s work, lightly, before moving on to today’s work)
  • editing #2 – the close-in edit (PC edit from start to finish, thinking of flow, pace, plot holes, etc. – emphasis on cutting & tightening)
  • editing #3 – the distance or hand edit (by me AND by volunteer readers – scribble all over printed manuscripts)
  • editing #4 – the consolidation edit (take into account all useful hand edits and type up a single clean copy)
  • editing #5 – the oral edit (read the damn thing aloud and catch typos, awkward phrasing, etc.)

The Hotel
The Hypnotist Clown
Bugaboo Road (inspired by my dad)

Maintain my social media sites:

Blog: (2-3 weekly ORIGINAL CONTENT posts) (Posts of 300 – 1000 words on the topics of being bipolar, writing horror and studying the paranormal.) Post regular features most weeks. (#NetNet, Body Preservation, FNPS, M&M Media.) Also maintain Writer’s Monthly Progress Challenge linky page. Cultivate influencers. Find potential readers who are interested in horror, dark pleasures and the paranormal.

  • WordPress
  • The Paranormalist Portal (mirror)

Short-form blogs: (1-2 daily posts) Quick snippets about paranormal / creepy events, short reviews, brief referrals and connections, evocative images, and links to blog posts.

  • Facebook – The Paranormalist
  • Facebook – The Renae Rude (mirror)
  • Tumblr – The Paranormalist (mirror)

Micro-blog: (1 – 10 daily updates, mostly via twitter and google+ AND / OR photos and links to pinterest, instagram, cheezburger, etc.)

  • Twitter
  • Google+ (mirror)
  • Pinterest – Renae Rude (develop into a significant platform plank)
  • Instagram
  • Paranormal LOLs

4 Comments on “The Paranormalist’s WriMoProg Page”

  1. teresa says:

    ooh, I like the monthly thing. I have to check it out.
    You are totally inspiring!!

  2. [...] Huge Thanks to Lauren and to our other participants, Renae at The Paranormalist, and Zen [...]

  3. [...] Huge Thanks to Lauren and to our other participants, Renae at The Paranormalist, and Zen [...]

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