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This is where you can check up on my writerly progress.
Feel free to offer praise, encouragement or a good scolding – as appropriate.

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WriMoProg Challenge Goals:


THIS MONTH’S GOAL: 30 (novels) + 30 (blog and other social media) = 60 (hours)

[X + Y = Z / total-hours goal, where X = writing/editing time, Y= other writerly tasks.]


I’ve not been using WriMoProg in these last few months. Halloween, and its lead up and aftermath, pretty much consumes me. But here we are, half-way through November, and I’m in need of some planning time again. This month I’ve picked up The Hotel novel that I started a couple of NaNoWriMos ago. I’my trying out a new writing program called yWriter. So far I like it, but I don’t yet trust it. It does allow me to work with the outline in an organized and in-depth way. My goal for the rest of this month is to finish the plotting of the overall novel. (I’m cleaning up the mess from NaNo and finishing the storyline.)



Heavy on the blogging. I updated all of last year’s Halloween posts. That will need to happen every year, but I also had to re-do the sharable images — which are now able to be used every year. (I took the year date off and remade those that needed remaking.)

  • wrimoprog 08/31/2014:  46 (novels) + 115 (blog and other social media) = 161 (hours)


A middling month.

  • wrimoprog 08/31/2014:  97 (novels) + 69 (blog and other social media) = 166 (hours)


Another fiction bust. I blogged seven times in July. One post I did manage to write went viral and brought more hits to the blog than ever before. Toward the end of the month I resumed writing a daily gratitude blog on a different platform, and using another site, 750 Words, to clear my head with some personal, daily pages-style writing.

I lost too many days to working at the hotel and to family crises. (My sister had an emergency operation to remove a bleeding brain tumor and her ex-husband died … also, predictably enough, Mother reacted to the stress badly.) Clearly, I didn’t actually use WriMoProg to track my time.


Yeah, I didn’t really track. I did ok on the blogging front I think, though it could have been better, and certainly more evenly distributed. Fiction has been a bust. Time to change that. (She says, on July 1st.)


I tracked on the Camp NaNoWriMo site, so I don’t have details for here. In summary, I managed approximately:

  • wrimoprog 04/30/2014:  104 (novels) + 78 (blog and other social media) = 182 (hours)


  •  wrimoprog 03/08/2014:  2 + 12 = 14/80
  • wrimoprog 03/10/2014:   5 + 18 = 23/80
  • wrimoprog 03/16/2014:  15 + 20 = 35/80
  • wrimoprog 03/16/2014:  15 + 20 = 35/80
  • wrimoprog 03/19/2014:  32 + 22 = 54/80
  • wrimoprog 03/27/2014:  41 + 30 = 71/80
  • wrimoprog 03/31/2014:  43 (novels) + 47 (blog and other social media) = 90/80



The rest of the information on the page is mostly for my own use, but have a look if you like.

2014 General, Ongoing Goals:

The formula: X + Y = Z / total-hours goal 
when X = writing/editing time, Y = other writerly tasks.

Write & edit novels:


  • write last 28 sections (quick, intense, culminating sections) THEN, between editing steps, revise and refine ending
  • editing #1 – the close-in writing (edit yesterday’s work, lightly, before moving on to today’s work)
  • editing #2 – the close-in edit (PC edit from start to finish, thinking of flow, pace, plot holes, etc. – emphasis on cutting & tightening)
  • editing #3 – the distance or hand edit (by me AND by volunteer readers – scribble all over printed manuscripts)
  • editing #4 – the consolidation edit (take into account all useful hand edits and type up a single clean copy)
  • editing #5 – the oral edit (read the damn thing aloud and catch typos, awkward phrasing, etc.)

The Hotel
The Hypnotist Clown
Bugaboo Road (inspired by my dad)

Maintain my social media sites:

Blog: (2-3 weekly ORIGINAL CONTENT posts) (Posts of 300 – 1000 words on the topics of being bipolar, writing horror and studying the paranormal.) Post regular features most weeks. (#NetNet, Body Preservation, FNPS, M&M Media.) Also maintain Writer’s Monthly Progress Challenge linky page. Cultivate influencers. Find potential readers who are interested in horror, dark pleasures and the paranormal.

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4 Comments on “The Paranormalist’s WriMoProg Page”

  1. teresa says:

    ooh, I like the monthly thing. I have to check it out.
    You are totally inspiring!!

  2. […] Huge Thanks to Lauren and to our other participants, Renae at The Paranormalist, and Zen […]

  3. […] Huge Thanks to Lauren and to our other participants, Renae at The Paranormalist, and Zen […]

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