Jason (The Beau) on Jason Voorhees. (A peek at my “normal” life.)

So it’s Wild Card Wednesday again. Tonight I’m bringing a glimpse of my “normal” life to you. The following (heavily edited) Facebook post is from my personal, non-paranormalist, FB page. The Jason who features so prominently in the thread is my daughter’s significant other. (You know her as Pooka, purveyor of fine buttons.)


I’ve often referred to Jason as “The Beau” here at the blog.

You’ve actually met him before, in the post:

Courting Creepy: 13 crucial movies – for zombie lovers – at Halloween (or anytime.) By Jason.

and, more recently, in:

Body Preservation: Pannekoeken (aka Dutch Baby) a cheap & easy 5-ingredient, 5-step, recipe.

I suppose he shows up here at the blog more often than my blood family because we share a love of the horror genre. (Though he’s a little darker than me.)

When the conversation happened, I was deeply amused. Now that I’ve got this “Wild Card” thing going on, I have an appropriate slot for sharing it.

FB Jason edit


I’ve got to say one thing about the women in our family, we have excellent taste in men, if what you want is brilliant and snarky.

Macabre Media: Bessie Smith – her music, her (wild) story, her grave and Janis Joplin


It’s nearly midnight on Monday and I’m tired. It was an up and down day.

The FANTASTIC news is that my son came home foot-sore, worn out, and happy after working his first-ever shift, at his first-ever job, which he bagged by the end of his first-ever interview. (He now works at a coffee shop. Is the word barista gender-specific?)

The bad news is that I had a rough day at my own job, at the paranormal hotel. II can’t believe I’m about to say this, but: I had prostitute troubles. (Apparently morning-drama will ensue if the night-guy accidentally puts two working girls directly across the hall from each other.)

Tomorrow I have to spend the day taking my mother to the doctor. Tonight, I just want to crash. Luckily, I had this post pretty much ready to go:


I just ran across an interesting video on YouTube that I wanted to share.

Jazz and blues musician, Bessie Smith died in 1937, after an automobile accident, at the age of 43. Though she was past the peak of  her career, she was not poor nor forgotten. Her funeral was elaborate and well-attended. Even so, her grave went unmarked until 1970 — reputedly, because her manager / husband repeatedly pocketed the money for her memorial.

In 1970, Janis Joplin (who idolized Smith) and Juanita Green (a long-time employee of the Smith family, and the president of the North Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP) arranged for Smith’s grave to be marked with this headstone:

grave Bessie Smith

 Gravestone image from Find A Grave


I admit this is kind of an unusual entry in the Macabre Media set of posts. It seems like this feature is in a constant state of change. For the “later” portion of this post, I’m going to stay on topic instead of highlighting an upcoming attraction, like I have been doing in recent weeks.

I want to keep you focused, and strongly encourage you to read the first of the articles I’ve listed below. There’s some fascinating information in there about not only Bessie Smith, but about a cultural phenomena of the prohibition era known as “buffet flats”, which were black-owned speakeasies.

From Bessie Smith: Music’s Original, Bitchinest Bad Girl:

[Buffet flats] provided food and lodging for traveling African-Americans — barred from segregated hotels — plus a freewheeling buffet of booze, drugs, hookers and sex shows. All in private apartments, or “flats.”


Huffington Post: Bessie Smith: Music’s Original, Bitchinest Bad Girl – an R-rated exploration of Smith’s wild lifestyle and controversies surrounding her life and death.

Biography.com: Bessie Smith – a short written bio and and 3-minute video which features clips of Smith singing.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Bessie Smith biography – a respectful catalog of Smith’s musical contributions, plus basic biographical information.

Mount Lawn Cemetery
Sharon Hill
Delaware County
Pennsylvania, USA
Plot: Section C Lot 26 Grave 3

H. H. Holmes: Gilded Age Con Man & Serial Killer (1861 – 1896)

pdoc 9 of psycho h.h. holmes

H. H. Holmes: Gilded Age Con Man & Serial Killer (1861 – 1896)

H.H. Holmes is considered by many to be the first documented serial killer in the United States. He built a convoluted hotel / rooming house / office building in Chicago just before the beginning of the 1893 World’s Fair. Some of the rooms were designed to be airtight and sound-proof gas chambers. He hired and fired several different contractors to complete the building. One benefit to this behavior was that he was able to avoid paying laborers and contractors by claiming that a firing was due to improperly done work. Perhaps more importantly, for Holmes’ purposes, no one other than Holmes himself really understood the design and layout of what eventually became known as the Murder Castle or Murder Hotel.

Holmes killed for two distinct reasons. He is most well-known for the murders of women in his hotel. At least some of those murders seem to have been committed simply to entertain Holmes. He also killed for practical and financial reasons. Holmes was a criminal in many ways. He ran various cons, including stealing bodies from graves, then cleaning and selling the skeletons, as well as insurance fraud schemes which sometimes led to murder. He was also a bigamist that was married to at least three women. Interestingly, he never killed any of the women he married. (Though he did kill a mistress.) He is known to have fathered one child.

Some theorists believe that H.H.Holmes was responsible for at least one of the Jack the Ripper murders in Whitechapel, London. Though Holmes and Jack the Ripper were contemporaries, there is no evidence that Holmes ever traveled to England. (It is possible, however.) What little evidence there is, in support of this theory, lies in a similarity of handwriting between letters written by Holmes and those sent to various news outlets from people claiming to be Jack.

I am disinclined to believe that a an organized, hands-off, voyeuristic  murderer like Holmes would change his signature drastically enough to commit any of the savage, up-close and intimate murders attributed to Jack.

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes (Herman Webster Mudgett)


Herman Webster Mudgett; Dr. Henry Howard Holmes

Active years:
1888 – 1894
Most murders took place during the 1893 World’s Fair.

Chicago, IL, USA
In a hotel he built especially to house the fair goers.

Number of murders:
Holmes confessed to 27. Nine were confirmed. Some estimates credit him with up to 200 murders.

Typical victim:
Type A – people, usually women, taken specifically for the purpose of terrifying, torturing and killing within the walls of his “murder hotel.”
Type B – people, male or female, adults or child, whose death / disappearance benefited Holmes as he played out his financially motivated con games.

Convicted of 4 counts of 1st degree murder & 6 counts of attempted murder.

Ultimate fate:
Executed by hanging on May 7th, 1896 at the age of 34.

Holmes was buried in an unmarked grave. His coffin was encased in a concrete vault to deter grave robbing and / or vandalizing.

Grave site:
(Info obtained from findagrave.com)
Holy Cross Cemetery
Delaware County
Pennsylvania, USA
Plot: Sec. 15, Range 10, Lot 41, graves 3 & 4
GPS (lat/lon): 39.92854, -75.25771


  • The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Erik Larson (at GoodReads)
  • The Torture Doctor by David Franke (at GoodReads)
  • Depraved: The Shocking True Story of America’s First Serial Killer by Harold Schechter (at GoodReads)
  • Confessions of the Serial Killer H.H. Holmes by Mudgett (aka H.H. Holmes), Herman Webster (at GoodReads)
  • Bloodstains by Jeff Mudgett (at GoodReads) – NOTE: This a controversial account of Holmes’ crimes and the legacy of them, written by his great-great grandson. It’s unclear from the description and reviews if it’s intended to be fiction, based-on-true, or biographical (and autobiographical.)
  • Rumor has it that Leonardo Di Caprio may play Holmes in a film version of The Devil in the White City. It looks like this project has been in discussion for some time, though, and no progress has been made.

1) Chilling tour inside serial killer H.H. Holmes` `Murder Castle` (Fox 32 News Chicago)

–This article includes a video tour of some tunnels under a Chicago Post Office that was built on  the site of the murder hotel. Some original brickwork may have been incorporated into the newer structure.

2) H.H. Holmes Murder Castle Site Basement Footage (Embedded below.)

–five-minute video featuring a possible EVP, by Adam Selzer, for the Mysterious Chicago Blog (aka Chicago Unbelievable).


H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer (streaming on Netflix)

–1 hour and 4 minute documentary that focuses on all of Holmes’ crimes rather than on the World’s Fair, which is mentioned but not detailed. This is more sensationalized than the two listed below.

Madness in the White City (streaming on Netflix)

–45 minute documentary which – like the book of the same name – divides its time between discussing Holmes and the World’s Fair.

H.H. Holmes Full Biography on bio.com (available in full on Bio.com)

–45-minute treatment of the story from the folks at Biography, plus three shorter video snippets.


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Note to my regular readers:

This is the first entry in my PDOC series. Tonight I’m working on creating the deck’s homepage. If  the image above doesn’t yet link to a new page, it soon will.


Halloween Countdown: creepy projects for crafters & hobbyists. (Monster models, knitting, cross stitch, paper cutting & more.)

halloween countdown 10 final

Today, August 22nd, is just 10 Fridays before Halloween.

Show your love of Halloween and drive your friends crazy by sharing the above image on your social media sites this week.

The signs of the season are starting to appear! Yesterday, I noticed a Halloween issue of a women’s magazine on a grocery store rack and today I bought a bag of prominently displayed candy corn at Target :)

I stayed up waaaay too late last night, updating this week’s countdown post. I got sucked into learning more about monster models in particular. There’s a whole new section about “Monster Scenes” and the controversy surrounding them when they were first released. (Hint: they were banned in the USA, due to their sexual and sadistic flare.)

I’ve added some fresh knitting & cross stitch patterns for the season. I’ve also double-checked all the existing links, and redirected or modified as necessary, so that all the information is accurate as of today.


Halloween hobbies: monster models, knitting, cross stitch, paper cutting and more

to browse some options, or to be inspired to find a new hobby, or pick up one that you’ve set aside in the summer.


To see  my overall plans for the 2014 season,

and to catch up with the countdown so far,

please visit The Halloween Countdown Homepage,

which is also freshly updated.

halloween countdown main fridays

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Macabre Media: Exiles (a song by Mary Fahl, inspired by Anne Rice’s new book) plus Honeymoon (2014).


All the latest buzz surrounding Anne Rice has been about how Universal has optioned all of the works in the Vampire Chronicles. (I am excited about that. Tom Cruise never really did it for me.)

Has anyone gone after the new Anne Rice series, The Wolf Gift Chronicles? I haven’t yet.  I’m reading mixed reviews. When it comes to Anne Rice, I know that I adored The Mayfair Witches series, and to a slightly lesser extent, The Vampire Chronicles.  (In my opinion, the first 3 books are the best here. Also, don’t forget there’s a crossover book called, Blackwood Farm, in which the vampires and witches intertwine.)

I tried some other stuff, but she leaves me flat when she’s not writing about the paranormal. (I wanted so badly to like Cry to Heaven – a historical novel about castrati in 18th century Italy – but I didn’t really enjoy it after a while — I kept waiting for a vampire to show up.)

Anyway, I just ran across this video of a song called Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter by Mary Fahl. Apparently it was inspired by Wolf Gift Chronicles.

I’m not sure if I love the vocal stylings here, but I do think the lyrics and drum line are evocative.


I’m looking forward to this:

movie poster honeymoon 2014

From IMDb: Honeymoon (2014)

Young newlyweds struggle as their honeymoon spirals mysteriously into chaos.

But do watch the trailer … it looks better than that makes it sound.

  • Starring: Rose Leslie, Harry Treadaway, Ben Huber
  • Directed by: Leigh Janiak
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical release date: September 12, 2014

I’ll give folks a heads-up on twitter / FB / Goggle+ a little closer to the release date.

Halloween Countdown: all about graveyards.

halloween countdown 11 final

Today, August 15th, is just 11 Fridays before Halloween.

Show your love of Halloween and drive your friends crazy by sharing the above image on your social media sites this week.

I’m heading out the door in a few minutes to have an adventure. My Ogre has the day off, and the weather is glorious — it’s a perfect summer day. Part of the reason for these early countdown posts is to remind us to really enjoy these remaining weeks of summer before autumn arrives. I’m not yet sure what we’ll do, but it’s likely I’ll spot an old graveyard on the side of some road and my beloved will indulge me while I explore. In the next day or two, I also need to find a local grave to adopt for the season.

Now is the perfect time to seek out lovely old cemeteries. Those that are well-treed are shady, cool and peaceful. When you head out, remember to take along some bug spray, though … mosquitoes do love to hang out there too.

Visit Graveyards, churchyards and cemeteries ~ spending an afternoon with the dead

for more tips and ideas for what to do when you find a pretty or interesting graveyard.


To see  my overall plans for the 2014 season,

please visit The Halloween Countdown Homepage,

which is also freshly updated.

halloween countdown main fridays

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Wild card post: dating, courting, and going steady.


I’m often thinking about how the blog is doing and where it’s going. I’ve gone through periods of daily posting and I’ve fallen silent for long periods of time. Recently I decided to try a more structured schedule, which is getting off to a decent start.

The plan, in case you haven’t already figured it out, is to do Macabre Media on Mondays, Halloween Countdown on Fridays, and a topic of paranormal interest on Saturdays or Sundays. (Plus, on some Sundays, a Body Preservation post.)

I have to be careful, though, to not box myself in too much. If it gets too rigid, it stops being fun.

In the interest of keeping things lively, I plan to reserve Wednesdays for off-theme posts. I don’t promise to post every Wednesday, but when I do it will either be about the paranormal hotel or it will be a straight up wild card. Tonight, to get things started right, you get a wild card.

[Unless you're a night owl like me, you're likely to see these posts on Thursdays. For me it's still Wednesday until I go to sleep.]


I was just reading through my personal FB feed and I came across an article about courtship.

I should remind you that I educated my son at home from fourth grade to tenth, and then I turned him over to the local community college for his junior and senior year. He has now been graduated from my high school curriculum and earned an associate degree in the process.

Yes – despite my dancing around the word – that means we “homeschooled.”

I always hesitate to use the term, because of the stereotypes surrounding homeschoolers. Sadly, some of them are more true than not. Most of the families we met through homeschool organizations were homeschooling, at least in part, for religious or political reasons. We did ok in that world, though we were clearly in the minority when it came to our (nearly non-existent) religious practices … and we were almost unique in our liberal political views.

Still, these were good people and I maintain casual relationships with several of them.

And that is how I came to be reading Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed.

At first I didn’t realize that the author was using the term courtship in a very specific way:

Courtship is a relationship between a man and a woman in which they seek to determine if it is God’s will for them to marry each other. Under the protection, guidance, and blessing of parents or mentors, the couple concentrates on developing a deep friendship that could lead to marriage, as they discern their readiness for marriage and God’s timing for their marriage. (Quote from Institute in Basic Life Principles, for clarification purposes.)

To be honest, I was unaware that this was a thing. I don’t know how many of my fellow homeschoolers subscribe to this kind of thinking.  (In my son’s age cohort, there just weren’t very many girls — plus, you know, there were some obvious ideological issues with the few that were around — so that’s not where he’s done his dating.)


Photo by Samantha Jade Royds


Read the articles if they are of interest to you, but I want to talk about a particular gem of wisdom I found in Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed.

It seems that we as a society have changed the definition of dating since it was being done in the 40s & 50s. According to the article, it was common at that time for parents to make one major rule when it came to early dating:

You can’t go out with the same person twice in a row.

It was perfectly acceptable, and expected, that in any given month you would go to the movies with Tom, have a malt with Dick, go to the dance with Harry, then – perhaps – go to a party with Tom again. The idea was that you’d get to know a lot of different people and there would not be so much pressure to pair bond with one person. By the time you’d dated 10-20 people, you had a much better idea of what kind of person you wanted to go steady with and, maybe, eventually marry.

An argument for this kind of traditional dating, from the Christian viewpoint of the article, is that there isn’t much sexual activity associated with it. I’m probably less concerned with “purity” than the author of the article is, but I can see how this kind of cultural norm would be a healthy way for people, especially young people, to develop relationship skills without feeling so pressured. And I can see how such casual dating would be less likely to contribute to confusion between raging hormones and burgeoning love.

Plus it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

This is NOT the way it was done when I was in high school. It was much more like serial monogamy. We hung out in groups until a couple decided to “date” at which point they would see each other exclusively for anywhere from a week to several months or more. When you stopped dating someone, there was a breakup. Then you would do it all over again with another person. Some relationships included sex, some didn’t. The concept behind the process, though, was that each person you dated could be The One. Once couple-hood was declared by going on a date, you ran that relationship out to its end.

Right now I am totally taken with the idea of bringing back real, old fashioned dating. Assuming it isn’t already being done and I just don’t know about it.


From what I’ve seen in my kids, and my nieces and nephews, it’s still pretty much the way if was when I was younger … serial monogamy.

I have questions for you:

  • What was your dating experience?
  • What have you seen happening these days?
  • What are you doing (if you’re unmarried and still looking)?
  • Do you think anyone is dating casually the way I described it above? Who?
  • If traditional dating isn’t happening, do you think it should be?
  • If traditional dating isn’t being done, how on earth could it come back into practice?
  • If you are (or were to start) dating, what do you think the reaction would be if you said, “I don’t date anyone more than once in a row and I don’t want you to either?”


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